Someone who sticks his train in any hole
RK Benson is a Manwhore. Fo real!
by Urlovely1 October 26, 2013
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Basically a fuckboy that will lead you on with no actual intention of being in an actual relationship with you. Will say that you’re the only one for him, and that he’s never gonna leave you. Until he gets tired and dumps you, just to get with another girl a few days later. Loves easy preys, often weak, innocent, and naive girls that doesn’t know a lot about manwhores. A typical example is exchange students.

The manwhore will never really let you go though, so he always tries to keep you emotionally bound to him in order for him to be able to take you back for sexual use, if lacking other options. Their names are usually Tyler or James, and they are often engineering students who failed joining the college football team and are instead fully devoted to pursue their manwhore career.

Keep away from manwhores, once they’ve caught you it’s gonna be hard to break free from them.
Esther did you know Tyler already got a new girlfriend”
“No I didn’t, he just asked me for nudes less than a week ago”
“Yeah that’s no surprise, he’s such a manwhore
by Crazyfreg October 10, 2018
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A man who finds the need to hit on and sleep with just about every female that he comes into contact with.
Steve Studnuts.Steve Studnuts is a TOTAL Manwhore.
by Natas-Metronic,Kiwan S.Jaske A October 19, 2012
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a male slut. someone who seeks attention from multiple lady partners. you don't wanna be seen with one of these. chicks before dicks.
OMG Joe Molica is such a manwhore! He talks to so many girls!
by your worst nightmare96 June 30, 2014
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A manwhore is basically just a male slut. They sleep around. The flirt with EVERY girl they see. And some just can't keep it in there pants. It takes a lot to be considered a Manwhore. It's definetly not something that should be thrown around for fun. To be a manwhore you probably: flirt with a lot of girls, (or guys if you I that way) you might hide it from other girls, (like cheating basically) or other thing like having sex with a lot of girls. In any case. Being a manwhore isn't a good thing and shouldn't be considered as one either.
For example: a boy named Addison WAS dating a girl named Naomi until she found out he was being a manwhore behind her back and dumped him
by _southernnbelle February 27, 2015
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A Manwhore is a male that has several key attributes. A typically young (18-25)male who dresses in designer clothing, carries multiple cellphones, has become a master of manipulating women, and makes it his personal mission to sleep with as many different women as possible qualifies as a manwhore. He also has virtually no emmotional attachment to any of his victims. The reputaion of manwhore makes gaining new potential victims somewhat difficult, so most manwhores are forced to switch territories and stomping grounds frequently. However, even in familair enviornments, many manwhores can continue to get laid by playing the "im misunderstood, or "Im just pissed and acting out over a bad breakup" card. A true master in both deception and cunning, a manwhore is any "good girls" worst nightmare come true.
"Oh god, we need to hide Jenny, that boy is a Manwhore"
by SupaflyKC August 21, 2005
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