42 definitions by Mike the Ekim

A right that should be given to gay couples.
Straight couples have the right to marry, there's no reason why gay couples shouldn't.
by Mike the Ekim April 09, 2005
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"How do you expect me to get hard so fast?" the egg asked the boiling water. "I just got laid a minute ago."
by Mike the Ekim July 05, 2005
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the status that every sophomore, junior, or senior must start out with
The next time you see someone harass a freshman, remind the offender that he too was once a freshman.
by Mike the Ekim April 18, 2005
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something that almost every song has that is nearly impossible to define, yet if a musician knows the chords to the song he should be able to figure it out.
by Mike the Ekim April 17, 2006
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A rare talent so confusing that even those who have it don't understand how it works or how others can't have it.
Each tone sounds so distinctly different, I have no clue why no one else can tell them apart.
by Mike the Ekim March 27, 2005
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A byproduct of a sexual encounter between two other people.
Every single person you know only exists because two other people boinked, including those two other people, and the two other people whose liason resulted in their existence, ad infinitum.
by Mike the Ekim October 06, 2008
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