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Having control of the situation. Being the best at somthing. Not worried about somthing.
Brad: "How are you doing in that poker tournament?"
MikeRizz: "I got that shit on lock."
by Michael Rizzuto May 03, 2008

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Playing to a level that is far above what the other players are doing. Using strategies that are not fathomed by 99% of the general public. Generally used in poker but can reach to other games such as scrabble, golf, and guitar hero. You must be careful when playing above the rim (ATR) because 'when you are above the rim, everyone can see you'.
"Wow, wow, did you really minraise that with just middle pair, that was so above the rim."

"Yea, Mike Rizz will be here later. Be carefull in pots against him, he plays above the rim"
by Michael Rizzuto May 08, 2008

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The idea or theory related to beating, defeating, or killing an opponent in any given sport or game. Meaning that you have first "merked" them aka killed them, and then you have "peeled" them aka took them out of the game.
Chad: "How did you win that poker tournament?"
MikeRizz: "I used standard merkinpeelism"
by Michael Rizzuto May 02, 2008

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The last table of players remaining in a poker tournament. Usually it is 9 people, unless it is a 6-max event, or if it is a World Poker Tour event. Some online final tables are 10 people, such as on Ultimate Bet and Carbon.
"There were 100 people in this and only the final table gets paid, I hope I make it."

"Wow, Phil Hellmuth is at another final table!"
by Michael Rizzuto May 09, 2008

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