American melodic death metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts which formed in 1998. (All That Remains)

This includes:
Philip Labonte – vocals
Mike Martin – guitar
Oli Herbert – guitar
Jeanne Sagan – bass
Jason Costa – drums

Top 5 Songs:
1. Six
2. Not Alone
3. This Calling
4. Become a Catalyst
5. The Air That I Breathe

Behind Silence and Solitude (2002)
This Darkened Heart (2004)
The Fall of Ideals (2006)
Overcome (2008)
"Wanna listen to some ATR?"
"Hell ya, they have an awesome vocalist!"
by IHateTheGhetto February 8, 2009
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Ass to Tits Ratio

This is a measure of how proportional a female's ass is to her tits. Each is ranked on a scale of 1-10, then set as a ratio. One should not simplify when making the ratio to avoid the misunderstanding that a 10:10 is the same thing as a 1:1.
If Ass=8/10 and Tits=9/10, the ATR is 8:9.
by ham-ster January 7, 2011
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Clever slang for the phrase "All The Rage"
Neon nikes are ATR.

Lets go to disney land. I hear California Screamin is ATR.
by Harley Harris August 26, 2007
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Arse-Tit Ratio.

A vital factor when admiring ladies with ample bosoms.

Large breasts are often seen as a positive point, however generally not when they are in direct proportion with other body parts.

A girl with a size 10 figure and DD cup breasts can be very desirable, however not a girl with DD cup breasts and a size 20 figure with an arse that would not fit through a door.
"Wow, look at the tits on that!"
"No way mate, the ATR exceeds the acceptable limits!"
by raysupple December 19, 2008
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A female who is worse than disgusting.
Mate did you see that bird that Barlow got with last night? She was Atre!
by Kenners March 16, 2007
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Atr originated from Torn IRC meaning "small penis" this was because Atr gave a picture of his penis and it was very small, from now onwards people call it an "Atr" when they see a small wienner.
A: Hi wanna see mine?
*Pictures sent*
B: OMFG You have an ATR
by Alexusxs December 23, 2009
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