Variant spelling of the German name “Helmut”, from a compound of either “Helm” (helmet) or “Hell” (bright) and “Mut” (courage), dating to around the 19th century. Hellmuths are daft, pedantic, occasionally humours members of the genus homo sapiens, characterised by their constant suffering on account of having to continuously correct people on the spelling of their name.
Person 1: Name please?

Hellmuth: Hellmuth. No, with a double l and an h at the end.

Person 1: Alright, have a nice day Heinrich.

Hellmuth: (continues to suffer)
by The Eternal Etymologist November 22, 2021
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The king of the luckboxes! A person that needs a boat on the river or some exceptional card luck to win.
Oh boy, you sure got hellmuthed by him today!
by Joey Fisher July 26, 2006
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