NYC Slang created by a twitch streamer and youtuber named Kai cenat. This means that you have game and get bitches.
Silky: Yo I saw that you were talking to that girl Rachel over there. Did you get her number?

Kai: Indeed! You know me I got maad Rizz
by Ragingx2 June 2, 2021
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Another word for spitting game/how good you are with pulling and sustaining bitches.
Person 1: are you from Tennessee cuz u the only ten i see ;)
Person watching from a far:Damn, that nigga has no rizz
by bro got no rizz March 31, 2022
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When you’re able to pull the most bad bitches with little to no effort
Bro suli is rizzed up, he gets all the bitches
by RizzedUpSuli April 19, 2022
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Having “Game”(To get with your sexual aroused to)
“You Have Mad Rizz! How did you get her number
by Sean Xylo July 12, 2021
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A word used to say you have game to get the bitches
“Yo you got mad rizz” “Brodie you rizzing her up right now “ “you got rizz?”
by 4101lorstupid October 20, 2021
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Rizz is crystal meth
Hey Bob why don't you and I go smoke some rizz and stay up for a week.
by mrniceguy101 September 20, 2011
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Harjap has unspoken rizz, Rizz is the state where men pull bitches using their game.
unspoken rizz is the same as regular rizz but you do it with out saying any words, so essentially you pull without saying anythying that makes you a peak sigma male.
"brooo he really pulled her without saying a word"
"ye bro got unspoken rizz fs fs like harjap"
by KingSlime6 May 11, 2022
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