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Rizz is crystal meth
Hey Bob why don't you and I go smoke some rizz and stay up for a week.
by mrniceguy101 September 20, 2011
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Rizz is a nickname for the arabic name "Rizwan".
person1: Hey ! What's your name ?
Person2: My name is Rizwan. You can call me Rizz.
by Rizstar January 25, 2013
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1. The state of being completely stoned
2. Your stoned mindset (which often alerts you of certain ideas and the edibility of certain objects)
3.To Rizz (Verb Form) The process of smoking in order to get high
4. Physical Marijuana product
5. Can be used in context with other names to alert fellow friends of a possible stoner
1. Im so f---ing rizzed right now
2. My rizz always tells me to watch cops and eat string cheese
3.Are yall rizzing right now?
4. How much rizz do you have?
5. Looks at the Jonathan Rizzmore (Stephen McRizzman)
by Winston Kirby April 24, 2006
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Derived from krizpy, rizz is the state of being completely baked.
Hope I didn't rizz your roy shmoigo doy.
by qupert November 04, 2003
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rizz is a strange person (male) who constantly spends time on, listens to Michael Jackson, and uses the moonwalk as his main way of travel. rizz also kicks arse and does not like to be called Rizz very much. Synonym (sp?) for loner some might say. rizz 0wnz with his ninja knife throwing skillz
person 1: Hey, who was that moonwalking freak?
person 2: Must of been rizz

person 1: shit, a knife almost hit me
person 2: I told you to stop harassing that rizz dude
by alex reilly August 11, 2004
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