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a male or female person who has whore tendencies while also being mentally unsound; this word labels an individual as crazy due to their choices, actions, and/or behaviors sexually; a person who acts crazy, insane, and/or out of control due to happenings in their sex life usually a very unsafe promiscuous sex life
Did you see who he was with last night? He has to be a honut to go out with that scary trick.
by Mette July 19, 2004
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(noun)a woman who is very creative and kinky sexually; this does not indicate promiscuity but rather a person's sexual likings
(verb) to persuade,coerce, or trick a male into giving a female oral sex
She's a trickolick; she's always trying out freaky shit.

She totally trickolicked him and he was down there before he knew it.
by Mette July 19, 2004
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(noun) to refer to the act of someone pretending to be a lesbian or believing themself to be a lesbian;
My friend took some dykodin and now she lives with her girlfriend Sue.
by Mette March 12, 2004
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a musical band that originated in San Jose; their musical style is unique and experimental, therefore difficult to define; anything from ambient noise to folky guitar to "rocky" tunes....check it out...Knife Play
Xiu Xiu musical influences seem to be the Cure and Joy Division, but to compare the bands to one another would be unfair to all mentioned (they all have their own twist).
by Mette August 25, 2004
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To poot, toot, fart, or any other form of flatulence; this word is often a child's reference to having gas
"It smells like firecrackers." "Did you set off a firecracker?" "I just let a firecracker go."
by Mette July 3, 2004
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a pet name for a significant other; a term of endearment used for a loved one; usually directed to the individual and not in reference to the person; also can be used when calling a small child but mostly is used in a conversation with your soulmate or current mate
Chookees, let's go to the store and buy some pickles.
by Mette February 26, 2004
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adj. in timely or appropriate manner/context; this can also mean in addition
He was apropos when he brought up the topic of cleaning when they discussed everyone's household responsibilities in the apartment.

The way she interjected her criticisms about his brother was not considerate nor apropos, due to the fact that they were talking about his health issues.
by Mette October 8, 2004
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