To be unsound means that the person in question is the opposite of being sound but is very rude and annoying. They do not care for the people around them and disregard other humans.
Dave: Hey fam, jim just hooked up with my girl
Clarence: fuck that beta bitch he's unsound
by no.u.fam October 12, 2018
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n. Anything a non-educated authority figure says.

Do not, and here I am begging you Mom, heed that unsound advice.
by gnostic3 April 26, 2020
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Previously unknown; Never heard before: Unheard previously
- "Can you believe that Katie got an F on her test last week?"
- "No way! That is unsound-of!! She always gets As."

- "Last night, little bear didn't want to cuddle.."
- "That's unsound-of! Cuddling is little bears favorite thing!"
by Smart Blonde Cookie September 14, 2011
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