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An exclamation used after pulling off a piece of dead skin from your foot and discarding it.
Person 1: Don't need that!
Person 2: That's disgusting
by MensWear September 3, 2019
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An egg pun, combining the words egg and epic.
Person 1: Did you hear that Imack Studios uploaded a new vid?
Person 2: No bro, I didn't hear about it bro. That sounds *shakes hands* EGGIC!
by MensWear October 27, 2019
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A truly pathetic YouTube Channel. Aries gaming likes posting BeatSaber videos, BeatSaber videos and BeatSaber videos. Never gets more than nine views.
'We are still wating on Scary Minecraft Sunday 2'
'Who watches Aries Gaming anymore?'
by MensWear September 2, 2019
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December 31st is the day we celebrate one of the best youtubers in existence. The Legendary Imack Studios
Tom: Do you know whats happening on December 31st?
Sven:Uhh, new years eve?
Tom: No you idiot it's Imack Studios Day
by MensWear October 27, 2019
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Watching two people have an intense conversation in a group chat and then typing 'lol' during the awkward silence that comes afterwards.
Sam: Oh my god I hate you
Tim: Whatever dude
Tom: LOL
Sam: He's pulling a curtis again
by MensWear September 3, 2019
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A YouTuber who likes to upload Fortnite, Clash Royale and Minecraft videos. He often comments on the attractiveness of people of the male gender.
'Is that Imack Studios'
'Imack Studios wants to be the next Muselk'
by MensWear September 2, 2019
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The most legendary Minecraft video of all time. Sources say they experienced enlightenment whilst viewing the masterpiece. It was originally posted by a user known as JasonCraftHDGaming. However, it was deleted and only a few people were lucky enough to download it. We are still waiting on a sequel.
Person 1: Have you seen Scary Minecraft Sunday?
Person 2: No, it is extremely rare
by MensWear September 4, 2019
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