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Someone who experiences a different, more aggressive and fiery personality when they're trashed.
Yo, Ellie was a mad drunkzilla at Christine's wine party! Holla.
by Melanie Cotton December 09, 2005

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Another name for Oakland, California
I gots a meetin' in San Fran Cisco, so I saved sum bux and flew into OLAKA!
by Melanie Cotton April 29, 2005

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Um, like, a cross between "phenomenal" and "fabulous". With "nob" in the middle.
Girlfriend, that get-up is phenobulous! I look fierce.
by Melanie Cotton July 13, 2005

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Something the character "Cotton" from "King of the Hill" might say. Or really anyone who hails from the tornado states. A bit of wisdom said with a Texan drawl, but really coming from Oklahoma.
My favorite Cottonism is as follows. Melanie: "I think I ate too much for lunch. I don't know if I should make myself throw up or have an epidural!"
by Melanie Cotton July 08, 2005

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Um, like, if you lose two of the six ADLs like dressing, eating or inconsonants of your vowels or if you have Oldtimer's disease or dementeea you can, like, qualify for a Long Term Care benefit.
I really wasn't thinking when I ripped mah pants - must've been the dementia
by Melanie Cotton April 01, 2005

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