137 definitions by Megan

The sweetest guy in the whole world. He lives in Chattanooga and is my favorite person in the whole world.
Miz you are so awesome! I love you!
by Megan May 13, 2004
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the rappers who are down with the clown
and make great music they arnt rednecks or anything liek that if u kno what chicken meens they make fun of them so learn a lil bit shaggy 2 dope and violent j the two rappers who met in 9th grade by shaggys brother they are a family and if ur a juggaglo or juggalette ninja or ninjette ur family not a fan first big move big money hustlas
icp insane clown posse
by megan March 29, 2005
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rockland is not really upstate, just across the tapan zee bridge. it is a very ugly county, with really no substance at all. rockland is not ANYWHERE close to being like westchester. the only reason people live there is because it is cheaper than westchester, and they cannot afford it. there is no train to the city, so it is not part of the real new york, which includes westchester and long island.

rockland county pretty much sucks
kaitlin "where are the rich people stores?"
"what the hell are you talking about, your from rockland..."
by megan April 07, 2005
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the hottest icp singer ha he has 14 and 3 kids 2 tatood on his stomach he has dredlocks red and brown
an dif he asked me to bang him i so would he 24 had blue eyes nd is hot i think i already menchiond that and he is a juggaglo
shaggy to dop your my homie
by megan March 29, 2005
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A girl that makes up stupid pathetic lies and is really fucking ugly and annoying. she lie about friends and how she stays out until 3 in teh morning, etc. etc.
Megan Jerrell is very lumpy and very slutty.
by Megan September 27, 2004
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the sweetest, nicest, funniest people you will ever meet.
we ARE christian and do NOT worship joseph smith,we believe everyone has a chance and that we will all return to heaven to be with heavenly father and jesus christ. we live worthy lives and some choose to go on missions to preach the word of God but we are not forced to. we are not brainwashed and our guidlines are for the better of everyone. i am very proud to be mormon and everyone thinks thats weird but i love it and i dont care what everyone thinks of me
im proud to be mormon
by megan May 07, 2005
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smoking mad weed and getting soo fucked up
me and annie smoked mad sh!t and got skeeted!
by megan September 29, 2004
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