It is simplness wrapped up in one word. Thus everyone who posts any thing on Urban Dictionary is part of simplicity.
Its all apart of the beautiful simplistic part of life.
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When you have a retarded day at work and want to watch the simspsons
Why do you got to be so full of simplicity
by Jeef the jewkfish December 8, 2019
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The act of pure and complete subordination of a male towards a female counterpart. When a male assumes the most compliant, agreeable and slave like behaviour possible towards a female for little to no benefit.
I cannot believe that Matt is still paying rent for his ex-girlfriend after he moved out 2 months ago, that is utter simplicity.
by TheSimpLife September 19, 2020
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For all the things in life that should be simple but are complicated. (ie: relationships, emotions, ice cream, Reddit)
Him: Hey, how’s nursing school going?
Her: it’s simplicated. Ever heard of a syndrome where ice cream tastes like blue cheese?
by ElboiCoco April 22, 2021
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When something is both Simple and Basic.
I went to the local market to find what I needed to make a simplic meal.
by Buck, Neeley October 15, 2011
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Something that is simple and complicated at the same time.
Fractals are simplicated. They are easy to generate and enjoy. The are generated by a complicated process that few fractal artists fully understand.
by Dzeni February 15, 2005
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To make something simpler through a process that initially seems daunting or complicated.

The opposite of complify.
Simplicate your website by learning Sinatra (for Ruby).

Simplicate your money sitch by paying off all your debt.
by chadoh April 8, 2011
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