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Minor annoyance. You're not really mad at them, but sitll kinda pissed.
"Hey, who ate the last doughnut?"

"I did."

by Megan March 01, 2005

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Kentucky Fried Children.
Comes With Coleslaw.
by Megan November 07, 2004

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A term for "sex" in the Sims 2 simulation game. In order to keep it rated "T" for teen, Maxis needed to use "woohoo" instead of "sex"
Brandi and Daniel woohoo'ed in the hot tub.
by Megan April 18, 2005

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Feeling disconnected or unbalanced.
I keep forgetting things this week; I'm discombobulated.
by Megan February 05, 2004

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A fraggle is a type of muppet found on "Fraggle Rock" a Jim Henson show that first aired in 1983.

Fraggle Rock was about a society of cute, fuzzy, brightly-colored creatures who live behind the baseboard of Doc the Inventor's workshop and greatly interested Doc's dog, Sprocket. Their main enemies are Gorgs and they recieved their wisdom from Marjorie, the Trash Heap, who lives in the Gorg's territory.

The Fraggles spend their days laughing, splashing, running, singing, playing games, and telling jokes. They live by a simple care-free code:

"Dance your cares away,
worries for another day,
let the music play,
down at Fraggle Rock."
Wembley, Red and Gobo are fraggles from Fraggle Rock.
by Megan August 08, 2004

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After a guy is excited, and ready to cum, "break me off" means to make him cum.
"Okay, baby. Break me off."
by Megan October 07, 2003

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A carnival worker, often running the mechanical rides, who likes to hit on teenage, or younger, females. They are generally not clean people, and will buy alcohol in exchange for companionship.
That carny is sooo skanky
by Megan August 26, 2004

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