calling dibs is a slang term that refers to a male "claiming" the rights to pursue a woman. dibs can be called in either a serious or a sarcastic fashion as long as all males in the party are aware of the context.
(after spotting a particularly attractive or unattractive woman) "I'm calling dibs!"
by pps57 May 21, 2008
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Expression used to claim rights/possesion on sth./sb.
A group of (male) friends is at a party to check out some girls. Whoever spots a pretty girl first can "call dibs" on her. That way he can make sure none of his buddies would make a movie on her.
by maxoO June 11, 2006
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Guy 1: Dude are you gonna call dibs on Abby? You guys have been together for like 6 years.
Guy 2: Not right now, but maybe after I graduate college.

Guy 1: You’ve been together forever, you might as well, but ok.
by skittythecute March 16, 2020
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If you call dibs on something that thing that you called dibs on is automatically yours.
Calling Dibs Rule on THAT car and Ill get it.
by Dibs boiiiii November 9, 2018
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