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a band that lost their integrity when they did a song for the scooby doo 2 movie...fuck that, they never even had any integrity
"i'm a dick, i'm addicted to you"
wow...real mature
by ME March 30, 2005
another pop punk band..who i thought was good, but then got a brain!!they suck! they (just like blink and others) try to be punk...but they too dress like skaters...they dont look or soung punk!!!get a brain and listen to some good music!
you listen to simple plan right??hahahaha i bet you listen to good charlotte 2!
by ME March 15, 2004
i need some kurchip for my hurtdurg.
by ME November 25, 2004
the eighty eight fired
by ME September 23, 2003
detroit rock city was HILARIOUS!.... all four of those guys were HOTT (in my opinion)
detroit rock city was a great movie
by ME August 4, 2004
a beautiful combination of perfection and more perfection wrapped into one. The only thing beastly about it is that nothing can bring grangela down!
OMG! It's grangela! Let's throw our bodies over the patch of mud so that grangela does not have to dirty her super-cool flip flops!
by ME June 3, 2004