1.Over- dose(ed)
2.Online-dating and/or date
3.Over-doing it

1- to take a lethal amount.

2- to date online

3. to go way past the limit or go overboard
1- Did you hear that (insert celebrity here) OD(ed)?

2- I don't OD because you never know who they are on the other side of the screen.

3- He really Od with the decor. I won't hire him again. Make sure I blacklist him.
by Top Tea Defines September 6, 2018
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abbreviation for over-doing
when the bio teacher gives too much homework and announces a quiz next class:
"man, that's OD"
by az October 18, 2003
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Wow, he's ODed on penicillin.
by me March 19, 2003
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over-doing, over done, too much, crazy, or ridiculous
YO! its 106 degress outside....thats OD
by Playax08 January 16, 2009
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can be used as meaning of overdosage, usually with drugs. now though in many urban areas "od" is now a term used when someone does something accessivly.
such as if someone is to work out alot, people would say that person od's. or if there was a huge argument between a couple and the girl crys, they would say wow that dude od'd on her
1.jack od'd on meth last night

2. yo clemente why you got to od on jason wit the fat jokes
by il capo August 10, 2005
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1. Overdose

When someone takes too many pills and enters a state of shock, sometimes resulting in death.

2. OD

When someone's behavior or actions are just too much for someone else's liking. This is usually excessive or annoying behavior. In cases such as this, the first person is said to be OD.
After hours of circling around looking for women to bring back home...

Arnold: Let's go home, man.
Nico: Maybe around the corner.
Arnold: Come on, man. I'm tired.
Nico: Wait, hold on. There should be chicks two blocks from here.
Arnold: You for real?
Nico: Yea, man. I know they're there.
Arnold: Nico, you're OD man.
by ladiesmanfromnj July 6, 2012
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OD, O.D. - Verb, pop culture or medical in origin.

To OD is to Overdose.

In a clinical meaning, it is to exceed the safe dosage of a drug, creating danger. NOT ALL ODS ARE FATAL. In fact most aren't. That's a common misunderstanding.

In a popular slang context, especially in an urban/hip hop setting, "OD" means to do something to EXTREMES. In other words, to go crazy with something.
"My friend OD'd on heroin but we kept him walking and made him drink coffee and he was fine, thank god."(clinical)

"Man, I know you gots a case of Cristal but don't OD! Dat shit is expensive dawg!" (In other words dont binge drink with expensive liquor)(urban/popular)

"I gave my bitch my MasterCard and the bitch be straight OD'in!" (He lent his credit card to his girlfriend and she racked up amazing amounts of debts) (urban/popular)

by Seifuru January 26, 2006
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