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The condition of being terminally unfunky. This occurs when when an individual attempts to ignore his funkentelechy.
Sir Nose D'Voidofunk epitomized the Placebo Syndrome. That is until Star Child hit him with the Bop Gun!
by Mav March 16, 2004
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Literally, "the actualization of the Funk, rather than its potential." Its something about the music that gets into your soul. It is what powers the bop gun. It is the antithesis of the Placebo Syndrome

In other words, its when the music reaches its ultimate climax and becomes the best that it can be, a power so strong that no force on earth can stop it. Everyone must get up and dance. Dance I say, dance!
Funkentelechy is what puts a glide and your stride and a dip in your hip.
by Mav March 16, 2004
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Nickname for retired NHL player Keith Jones.
cornboy wants to start a corn stand at the Link in philadelphia
by mav May 18, 2004
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Following a statement from Party A to Party B, a "Whitt switch" refers to a
retort from Party B to Party A in which Party B changes a word or phrase
from Party A's statement, but considers the latter statement to be original.
When the bill arrives at an expensive restaurant, Party A turns to
Party B and says "Don't you owe me for lunch last week when I paid for your
meal at the Palmetto Pig?"

{Everyone laughs}

Party B retorts, "Don't you owe me from that day I bought you lunch at

by Mav July 19, 2004
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one who prostitutes himself to all who meet the following requirements:
1. Hair and legs
2. Got some teeth
slagroyd leave her alone she is a bald amputee with false teeth!
by mav March 14, 2004
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One who falls victim to consistent use of the Raging Demon and Maximum Spider. Also easily defeatable by Roll.
The RD is coming ZEE PEE!!!
by Mav November 18, 2003
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Good colleges must be given due respect due to their long standing record of producing world class engineers but still second to DA-IICT
the IIT entrance is 2nd toughest only to DA-IICT
by Mav November 19, 2003
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