The ultimate, the best ever. The "shit". Synonym for boss, awesome, legit, cool, perfect.
Today I won the lottery and lost my virginity, it was maximum.
by WeTheThanksgivingPeople December 2, 2015
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usually used as an amount, constraint or measure of capacity

synonym: most; climax; optimum; full; top; limit
The maximum number of bags allowed is 3.
by julie bing January 23, 2005
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A series of books about six genetically modified human-avian hybrids.

It is recently being made into movies, and if the director is smart enough, unlike the director of Percy Jackson, it will cause another Harry Potter-like fandom around the world. People would reflect it in their lives, and James Patterson would be rich. (Although he already is richer than Stephanie Meyer, Stephen King, or J.K. Rowling, making him THE richest author, according to Forbes.)

If the director was either TOO smart or hadn't learnt a lesson from Twilight, it would create another batch of FANGirls that forgot about Edward the minute they saw Fang. (And that would be a disaster, causing another wave of twihard-like craziness)
Maximum Ride will come and kick you in the face if you don't like her books. Angel will help her.
by TheDoubleJ February 4, 2011
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Ah, this movie is such a classic. From the hilarious scene to where a character named Connie asks her boyfriend: "Curtis....are you DAY-YED!!!!", to a little league baseball team getting hit by flying soda cans (the coach takes one of 'em in the crotch - HAHA!). Also, the soundtrack is by AC/DC (which, by the way, you can buy the soundtrack on CD. It's titled "Who Made Who?"). King's only directorial film is an underrated gem. The film's plot: For a week in 1987, a mysterious comet was floating over Earth. During this week, we have truck stop customers and employees, led by Emilio Estevez (who plays a cook in this movie), trying to stay alive when automobiles and appliances come "alive" and start killing people.
by SuperSonicX December 16, 2005
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Maximum Ride is about six kids who were genetically altered when they were infants by a place called "The School". Max (girl), Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy/The Gasman and Angel are all 98% human and 2% bird causing them to grow wings and have the ability to fly. They often are running for their lives from Erasers (People who have been altered so they are beautiful but can change in to wolves).
kid one: "Have you read 'Maximum Ride'?"
kid 2: "Wut it about?"
kid one: "Bird kids!"
kid two:"OHMAHGAWD!" O:
by Clairegoesrawr January 1, 2009
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Maximum the Hormone is a four-member Japanese rock band.


Maximum the Hormone was created in 1998 with Daisuke Tsuda and Nawo Kawakita, along with no longer present Sugi and Key. Their first release, A.S.A. Crew was the only full length album released with this lineup. In 2001, Sugi and Key left the band, leaving an opening on guitar and bass guitar.

In late 2001, the band recruited Uehara Futoshi (Ue-chan) to fill the empty bass guitar position, while Ryo Kawakita (Maximum the Ryo), Nawo's brother, took the position of guitar, and also contributing melodic vocals. The band released three singles, followed by their first release with the new lineup, Ootori (Hou). The EP still mainly followed playing style of the old lineup.

In 2002, the band saw one more single, followed by a full length album, Mimi Kajiru. The album exhibited more of Daisuke's signature screaming vocals, and Ue-chan's loud twangy bass lines.

After their first full album as a band, the band took a more traditional approach to recording, releasing two singles, followed by an album. Their next album, Kusoban in 2004, was close yet to contrasting heavy music mixed with light pop that has gained them mainstream attention.

After recording another pair of singles, the band released another album, Rokkinpo Goroshi. The release caused a surge in their fanbase, as they began to sell out more shows, playing many rock festivals, and eventually releasing a live DVD, Debu Vs Debu. In addition, "Rolling1000toon" was featured as an ending theme for the anime series Air Master.

2006 saw the band's breakout into popular culture with the song Koi no Megalover, reaching number nine on the Oricon charts during the summer of 2006; their first top-ten hit in Japan. The band had three of their songs featured in anime series; What's up, people?! and Zetsubou Billy, are featured as the opening and ending tracks, respectively, of the Death Note anime series, and Akagi is featured as the ending theme for the Akagi anime series.

After the promotion from two singles, and the songs featured on television, Maximum the Hormone released their next album, Buiikikaesu. The album was a record for the band, debuting at number five on the Oricon charts; their first full album to rank.

Maximum the Hormone will make their first overseas appearance in a short tour through the United States and Canada with Dropkick Murphys in March.

Maximum the Ryo (Ryo Kawakita) – guitars, vocals
Daisuke (Daisuke Tsuda) – vocals
Nawo (Nawo Kawakita) – drums, vocals
Ue-chan (Futoshi Uehara) – bass guitar, backing vocals

Former Members:
Sugi – guitar
Key – bass guitar
Maximum the Hormone is teh shit. yes Teh Shit!
by Mekio San March 7, 2008
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