Girl:"You know its all Bullshit right?"
Boy:"What is?"
Girl:"Your Medication"
Girl:"They're Placebo"
Boy:"What does Placebo mean"
Girl:"Placebo means Bullshit"
by ItzWeezy September 24, 2017
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1. A fake drug that 'cures' whatever pain you have.

2. The best alternative rock band in the history of man kind.
1. Did you see that 'House' episode where Cuddy gave House that placebo? He has a real problem.

2. I've always wanted to go to a Placebo concert! Molko is the best!!
by Anonymous Stupidity January 23, 2009
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the drug that doesnt work
a band fronted by a sexy pill
molko is GOD
by mayura October 24, 2003
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1. As the popular girl from “It” would say, “Bullshit.”
The meds your taking are a placebo!
by Poppycity January 14, 2018
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An awesome band with a true english pixie(allright, a half american half scottish brit with an adorable figure that most girls would die for) who is the hottest guy alive after Ville Valo. Next comes the Bassist, who Placebo fans have come to know as Stef, who makes a great couple with Brian(The lead singer) Stef looks mysterious and sexy but is homosexual so good news for the gays bad news for the girls. And finally theres Steve who is the only straight memmember of the band so he misses out on all the gay fun, but non the less we all love him and Placebo would not exsist without him. ~satanas dixit~
One great kick ass band that will always rock.
by ValosStalker666 January 15, 2005
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A pill given to hypochondriacts that makes them think it will cure them, even though it's an inactve pill with no effect. Some people just need attention to feel better, and a placebo does the job.
This lady had herself convinced she was so sick, that I gave her a placebo to appease her desire for medication.
by Styles Pigpen June 23, 2003
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Besides being a band a Placebo is also an ineffective dose masquerading as the real thing.
Although what the 'real thing' is, is subjective.
In Biology....
Amanda: "Hey Lu, what is a placebo?"
Lu: "An ineffective dose masquerading as the real thing"
Amanda: "Masquerading eh?"
Lu: "Yep"
Amanda: "Kay, Thanks"
by The Mighty Belthazor February 9, 2010
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