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usually used as a nickname for females whose names are combinations of Maria + Christ(eta/ina); typically a Filipina decent who is dainty and well mannered
Hello! My name is Maria Cristeta, but you can call me Maricris for short.
by MCMO February 13, 2007
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She is the baddest bitch you will ever be around. Yes she’s a baddie, but you will also see the good in her. She’s well behaved in class and also has them good ass grades in her reports. When you’re around her, she may feel awkward at first but when you get to know her and get close, it will be a connection that’ll last forever. She also has a great sense of humour and a great personality. Her style in clothing is amazing and her body is definitely something you will fall in love with. Not to mention that she is beautiful and you will love her inside and out.
Boy: Damn look at that fine ass
Guy: Yep, that’s a maricris
by tiktokjuul1356 April 03, 2019
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It is an extremely rare name for a girl. It was derived from the name Maria Cristina. It's true origin is still unknown but the name's most often used for Spanish girls and Filipinas. It is believed that the influence of the Spaniards to the Filipino people during the 18th century caused this to happen.

Its origin name, Maria Cristina, is also famous in the Philippines. There's even a waterfall named Maria Cristina in the Mindanao (southern part of the Philippines).

Some people even believed that it came from two of the most sacred names in history. Maria from Mama Mary, Mother of Jesus. And Cris from Christ.
Maricris is a very beautiful name for a girl.
Her name is Maricris.
by undyingfidelis August 02, 2018
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