63 definitions by Maria

stupid girl who thinks she cool but in reality shes not cus maricris is cooler than her (she really needs a slap)
Tony: stop being such a naevon
by maria December 30, 2004
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Someone, normally male, that eats, breathes, & lives for sex. he dreams about it, often playing it over so much in his mind that something he has never tried can be exceptional the first time done with another person. he is insatiable & always ready to play but that does not always make her a slut or whore, for he can be picky in his selection.
u be a nympho, i'll be a lympho
by maria March 09, 2005
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a word created by moi!
It can mean anything you want it to mean but it will allways be something positive! Its a word that expresses a person extremely happy feelings about something
Dave asked me out thats so fing spiffylicious!

OMG , i love you , you are just too spiffylicious!
by Maria June 16, 2004
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a man who is incredibly attractive and therefore worth banging; worthy of your sexual attention and pleasure, whether it be a male or female.
me: emo boys are very much bangable.
meaghan: i agree. their cute little man purses and artificial sadness really turn me on.
by maria January 14, 2004
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full of being cool
There was a lot of coolnessosity and we talked and then we went to sleep.
by maria September 28, 2003
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also used for straight edge mean the 3 x's (no smoking,no drinking,no sex,)
I follow XXX!
by Maria November 04, 2003
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It means your life fing sucks and thats really really sad i just dont want to say it to your face. so iam being polite and saying it just sucks to be you!
man , it sucks to be you !

You have no life , damn it sucks to be you!
by Maria June 16, 2004
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