A Spanish woman with the face of a moth and the voice of a chipmonk.

Tom Cruise pays her to date him so people wont find out that he's gay.
Billy: Hey Wendy do you wanna go see that Penelope Cruz movie tonight?
Wendy: No, Billy, I'm scared of moths.
by tantypig June 12, 2004
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1. an actress who can't speak a single understandable English word

2. a blank head who knows nothing but stealing someone else's husband

3. a spanish beauty who ages too fast

4. a woman whose nose and mouth are adjacent
by Anonymous August 2, 2003
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A seductive, sexy and beautiful actress. She has a cute Spanish accent and is incredibly hott! Penelope Cruz is a godess!
1) Penelope Cruz is a godess!
2) If Penelope Cruz were a lifeguard, I'd drown just so she could give me mouth to mouth.
3) Penelope Cruz is totally eye candy and I have a sweet tooth.
4) If Penelope Cruz were any sweeter, there would be a wanted poster for her at the candy shop.
5) Penelope Cruz makes all the other actresses look bad.
by Chris March 5, 2005
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The HOTTEST woman who has ever walked the earth. She is from Spain with dark hair, dark eyes, and light olive skin. She is truly the epitome of Mediterranean beauty.
God, what I would give to have just one hour with Penelope Cruz in my bedroom.
by Mplad May 2, 2008
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