Thelonius is an all around cool guy. He pulls a lot of hoes and good girls, yet never keeps relationships for awhile. They’re funny as shit. They aren’t smart when it comes to school but they’re streeet smart. Thelonius’ are usually short and good at gymnastics. They pull girls with they bomb ass dance moves. They also have small Peckers and can be completely retarded.
Girl 1 “damn he can dance lemme go eat that

Girl 2 “omg I bet his name is Thelonius
by Itakedubs37 March 21, 2018
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A nickname given to the great jazz pianist Thelonius Monk due to the friendships he had with cultural rabble rousers like Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary.
We love the freedom we feel when Felonious Thelonius sets us on fire!
by Dr Bunnygirl June 27, 2020
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A famous ..pianist. ihs grandson, also thelonius monk is a cool kid with a camo jacket. goes to my highschool.
whoa lok, theres thelonius monk with his sidekick, that kid is so awesoem. i want a camo jacket just like his!
by mandy December 13, 2004
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