48 definition by MadamexXx

When somebody says something really messed up or innappropriate, then flees the scene. You are left feeling horrible and they get away with it because they are not there for you to retaliate.
My uncle has anger management issues. He insulted my son for embarassing him and then left the room before anyone could say anything. It was a real Hit and Run.
This dude I rejected told me my boyfriend was playing me with a sneering look of delight on his face, but then quickly walked away. Only a punk-ass bastard would do The Hit and Run like that.
by MadamexXx February 24, 2009

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Sucks in comparison.
Made famous from the Movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. They're standing outside a convenience store they don't like.
Jay: "This place licks balls compared to the Quik Stop."

Me: "Their church choir licks balls compared to ours."
My son: "Mom, that's not very Christian-like."
Me: "Um, OK. The Devil licks balls compared to God."
My son: "That's better."
by MadamexXx February 24, 2009

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When you are due a real beat down for some jive turkey move.
An unpleasant surprise.
Karma being a bitch.
A ferocious retaliation.
A promise of good sex.
When my boyfriend asked if we could have a threesome I said: "I have SOMETHING for your ass."
by MadamexXx March 03, 2009

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The buzz you get from taking diet pills. It almost makes being fat fun.
I was fatastic today the way I was zooming around the house cleaning, like a plus size tornado. I don't know if I lost any weight, but I feel so great I almost don't care.
by MadamexXx March 03, 2009

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When a woman is so mannish you have to wonder if there is a penis or testicles somewhere.
When you are truly stumped at guessing someone's gender.
I went into the locker room and saw a hermaphrodyke and I was afraid to look.
by MadamexXx March 03, 2009

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Children, who for some reason, have parents that can't give them enough attention. If you are kind to them, they'll come to your home, eat all your food, fuck up your property, test your sanity then go home pouting when you finally insist. Their parents are none the wiser. These kids usually tell really bad lies.
"There are some people I'd like to have over, but their kids are gremlins. It's not worth the headache."
by MadamexXx March 14, 2009

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Anyone whose body fat is exceeding healthy limits.
A person whose body is grossly out of proportion due to excess fat.
A very overweight person with the metabolism of a slug.
Being a fat ass can make you miserable because you begin to think you can't lose that weight.
Some people are proud of being a fat ass, but most people aren't.
Some people can't help being a fat ass due to medication or other medical conditions.
"Hey, Fat ass, don't steal my ice-cream," said seven year old Tanya.
by MadamexXx March 03, 2009

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