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A small sleep, a nap
I think its time for my siesta
by Lunatic July 17, 2004

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big breasts
Katie's got some tigo bitties
by Lunatic March 07, 2004

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another name for ass. usually used to describe a girl with a nice ass.
Damn she got a rump shaker!!
by Lunatic January 29, 2005

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Joel Turner was an entry for the first Australian Idol. Although rejected by the judges, he still was recognized and performed his beatboxing act at the finals of Australian Idol. Later, he was signed up onto a record label and released the hits; These Kids and Knock Ya Out
Joel Turner is a sign that some of the judges don't know what the people want, and only choose who they like.
by Lunatic January 27, 2005

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Slang; noun.
1) A tyrant.
2) A lying, cheating, or sneaky person.
3) A dislikeable person.
4) A total and utter bastard.

Also a proper noun.
1) The name of a ruthless tyrant who made grand promises to his people which turned out to be a bunch of stupid lies. Several spoke out against him, but they were quickly silenced. The masses were like sheep at his feet, until he was overthrown by the goodly and noble Suzaku.
Man, shut up! You are such an Omnitor!

What were you doin? Were you spying on me, you Omnitor?!
by Lunatic April 12, 2004

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Some one who is incredibly Sexeh!
by Lunatic July 29, 2003

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wanksta is a dumass word never heard before until 50 cent brought it up. the true word is busta u fools.. pay respect to da O.G
bish what da fuk is wanksta u mutherfukin busta
by lunatic August 03, 2003

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