Lunar is a name derived from Luna, meaning 'moon' and coming from Latin/Spanish.
Lunar is unique, in the most amazing way possible. She is shy and quiet, preferring to stay out of the spotlight. She is beautiful and talented but hates compliments and is very negative about herself. Lunar will keep other people's secrets as well as hides her own. She is overlooked a lot and struggles with who she really is. She will sometimes act a certain way to make people notice her or be her friend. She has so many masks that no one actually knows 'the real her', but people assume they do. She has been hurt and taken for granted a lot and it wears her down in day-to-day life. Lunar has strong intuition and senses. She worries about who she can trust. Be careful, because as soon as you betray her, it's over. She is extremely loyal and her friends mean a lot to her, and she needs them a lot. She struggles when she is alone, but that is very rare. Lunar doesn't get 'mad' when people hurt her but it makes her hurt for a while. She holds it close to her heart. She never really forgets when someone she trusts hurts her. Lunar has tons of personality and makes the small moments special. Lunar will often have a secret that she is forced to hide. She is the peacekeeper, the friend who brings everyone together. Lunar is rare to find but she is definitely worth having in your life so DON'T let her go.
"Lunar is my best friend"
by Autumn_Luna April 20, 2020
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“are u good at games?”
“then you’re lunar
by balloons626 January 4, 2020
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The state in which one is extremely high, making them feel as though they are in outer space.
Dude, those skunk bomb KB's got me lunar!
by Little Big Hoss February 2, 2011
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The mooooooooon (cows jump over it)
The lunar panels are finally made
by TockSaPill November 13, 2019
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To be really out there in thought or expression.

The action of being or expressing things that are far from 'normal' expression or comprehension.
"Your vocabulary is really lunar."

by jessicajett September 24, 2005
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An expression of depression and anxiety of heartbroken
by lunarlamari October 29, 2018
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(Noun) An elf who is 3456 years old and is a seductress/ temptress
and she is fucking SPIFFY
I saw Lunar Yesterday, she is fucking Spiffy!
by Lunatic July 29, 2003
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