compulsory time for sleeping between 15:00-17:30 (after lunch)on a couch not in the bed. In Spain, and especially Southern Spain, siestas can be endeless sometimes.
Shops close and the world stops during these hours, everyone is having la siesta.

In the Roman Empire, people also had siesta, slept for a couple of hours to go on idling more energically the rest of the day. The word siesta comes from the Latin word sexta (Spanish sexta) which means "the sixth hour" (Roman Time).

The habit of having siesta is due to the abundant quantity of food ingested at Spanish meals together with the hot weather. It is attested that biologically, because of the great amount of food eaten, the blood pressure decreases giving sleepiness as a result. Besides, the Tropics between these hours is when the sun heats most and even animals go back home seeking for a place to rest.
1. dude, Spain's empty! where's the people?
2. hey it's 16h, people are sleeping...siesta
by Frankie Gensfera January 28, 2009
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A party in a bed, with your eyes shut. A sleepy fiesta.
Oh man im all tuckered out after that huge fiesta, i need a siesta
by Georgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee January 5, 2009
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My wife said she had a headache, so she took two sleeping pills and told me to have a siesta.
by Djentophile October 18, 2010
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the rest taken after after a full day of heavy drinking
Brian:what you got planned today then?
Brian:a siesta is what we all need after yesterday
by euan326 August 6, 2008
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Period of downtime occuring after John Thomas expels his gentleman's relish.
After I polished my one-gun salute, my wife came home and gave me a milkman's greeting, but it was obvious John Thomas was in the middle of his siesta.
by Safari October 9, 2004
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The most amazingly beautiful beach in the world. Long pure white sand beaches sun and surf and the finest chicks on the planet. It's the closest to Heaven you will find without the downside of dying.
Johnny Dumass - Yo Miami Beaches are the best in the world.
Judge - FUCK MIAMI! Siesta Key is the shit. Fuck Miami's shitty brown/black sand. Come to Sarasota and bask in the glory of Siesta's white sandy beaches. Plus there are hot chicks.
by Judhe941 January 27, 2009
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