a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive
by Bob December 17, 2002
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an amazing harry styles fan fiction by watermellasuga on wattpad. the story is about 2 people, Harry Styles and Cleo Horan, from rivaling families who need to work together in order to survive. the sequel is Tempted.
directioner: “whos cleo horan and why is everyone talking about her?”

other directioner: “oh! she’s the main character in temptress! it’s an amazing book!”
by tobesoharry January 5, 2021
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A girl who charms every boy she meets with her (sometimes unknowingly) seductive ways and causes them to lust after her and succumb to her power.
Quinn was such a temptress, she had men flinging themselves at her feet.
by Tempted? January 31, 2010
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women who are very seductive.
I am trying to stay focused and move on from those temptresses.
by Marcus B April 12, 2006
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Wild seductress of men, typically from the east coast. Shows off assets in short form fitting dresses with cleavage.
Guy 1: dude did you bang Molly last night?

Guy 2: I wasn't planning on it but she's such a temptress I couldn't resist
by Temptress May 29, 2015
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She is just what the name suggests, a woman sent straight from the depths of hell to corrupt good men of God. You may think you're impervious to the ways of a Devil Temptress but once she's got you in her clutches you ain't got a prayer. She will most likely birth your babies and maybe your brother's too.
"I tried to resist that whore I met at the Wal Mart last year, but she was just a Devil Temptress in disguise. Now we've got baby Tustin and one on the way."
by HoboChk January 13, 2009
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a hot sex kitten who's dying to get out. a hot, sexy, fun, and fearless girl.
That hot chick at the other end of the bar has i want to fuck you eyes...she must be a wiley temptress!
by Cortney and Stephanie May 21, 2008
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