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As in Zulu time, GMT.
When the military plans an operation they plan it in Zulu time. Seeing as it might cross multiple time zones.
by Luke January 29, 2003
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one who makes attempts to invent a new word/definition; summoned forth from poor creativity; to think it's 'dope' to batter the beauty of linguistics, thus speaking in tongue of such disorganized, meaningless grammar, and sentence structure of spoken language. sadly, expecting to recieve acknowledgements for there 'ideal' efforts... because they're cool, absolutely fucking spontaneous and unique!
1. nigga, wigga, jigga, fag, fuck, bed sheets worn for pants, penguin nig.
2. yo nig wuz up? i be bangin' yo sis while you slang fuck around and yo pants low ride the ground, cuz. ya dig?
by Luke April 17, 2005
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Play on the words "baja claws", a brand of off road tire. These are the tires mounted on a brodozer, the chosen ride of the desert bro. These tires are massive in size, and prestine in appearance, due to the fact that they never see off road conditions. They are often jet black, glazed in tire gloss, and unevenly worn due to bad toe in from cheap lift kit installations.
Check out the haha claws on that brodozer. Do you really need those just to get to the No Fear outlet?
by Luke August 02, 2004
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tarah: good bye. Often used by people in the north of England.
Tarah mate! I'll see you later!
by Luke July 28, 2004
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1. either your girl friend or woman you fuck for fun
2. or a milf, a mother i would love to fuck.
no, we're not goin out, shes just my fuck mama
by luke January 18, 2004
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Good, Spectacular, Tops, Rockin'
"this gin is the shiznay!"
by luke October 18, 2001
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really good, golden
That girls midas son
by luke December 23, 2002
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