To consume, spend, or employ wastefully; metaphorically: if you drink too much you will evacuate the excess in your urine.
The danger of civilization, of course, is that you will piss away your life on nonsense. - Jared Schmitz
by Garisenda March 05, 2007
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A descriptive term for wantonly wasting ones money, typically in a stupid or frivolous fashion.
Dude, I pissed away my pay check buying rounds at the club last night.

Careful in Las Vegas, you'll piss away your savings.
by ReverendBob June 29, 2009
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The act of intensely wasting time.
The term pissing, refers to wasting, as piss, is your body's waste fluid... Duh!
I seem to be quite the charm at pissing time away.
by Lexcen February 19, 2008
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"Piss" is a term long used in the UK and more recently in Australia for (generally weak) alcoholic beverages. Pissing the night away is an idiom that means drinking alcoholic beverages all night. It has nothing to do with urinating, as one would assume in the United States.
My friends and I spend our weekends pissing the night away.
by FireTater February 28, 2009
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For one to drinks tons of alcohol and whenever they get done piss the rest of the night
Man Aric is so damn drunk hes just going to be pissing the night away like its no ones business.
by loolur June 20, 2008
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When someone gets pissed at you, usually a sibling, spouse or friend, and instead of taking it out all at once, he/she lets it out little by little for a couple of days. They do this to try to hide that they are mad at them. This usually comes with slight punches and violence and not talking to you that much. When they do punch or kick, they usually say the words, "oops," or "just kidding."
Dude, I dropped my brother's phone into the pool, I think he's trying to pull off a pissed-off-fade-away move on me.
by ????Mystery Genius???? April 14, 2016
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