a kess is a girl mostly born in september, she is a really funny girl she is also pretty and sweet she is a really smart person always thinking about others she can be mean sometimes so don’t get on her bad side and she is the type of person to stay with her friend group and she is everyone’s favorite person and the favorite child you would be lucky to meet a kess she is the type of person that does not care about any thing and she is a boy magnet she is a person that talks loud and laughs about almost every thing and she has a contagious laugh and smile and she in all is a good person but not always innocent 😇.
did you hear kess laughing it super contagious 😷
by oh_hewello December 18, 2019
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Teddy bear-like front with lion beneath waiting to pounce
by mariman666 June 22, 2006
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A person of poor financial status with a cardboard house and two sets of clothes, this person often attempts to ask/beg for money of the public, and noted by his old and tattered clothing.
"omg look at those kessy shoes" "stop being such a kess" "he picked that off the floor, what a kess"
by luke March 18, 2005
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She is loyal, caring, and so funny! She is so athletic and pretty too! Most likely to play soccer or basketball. And blue or green eyes. If you have this kind and of friend don’t miss out on her!
She is so kess!
by Bessie456 November 9, 2018
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one phat mutha ****a, on who is a total badass
llamaofdoom is Kess-tastic
by llamaofdoom September 1, 2003
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