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The term used (similar to suped up) wen describing usually a car's level of modification. If I car is heavily modified, and pretty much looks cool, it's said as "tricked out".
Dude, your car's really tricked out; I tricked out my car with the nice paint job.
by Louis August 30, 2004
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1. To masturbate - wank.
2. Bullshit
1. Im off to have a wank.
2. What a wank.
by Louis October 17, 2001
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At the club the other night, there was this real vampirela. She had 2 guys in her hands and one from behind, all this on the dancefloor.
by Louis October 17, 2001
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Used as a conversation place hoder. ie when you cant think of anything else to say. (usually with little or no emotion - to confirm that you were listening)
Person1: ...and so thats how i came to have a ferret up my clacker.
Person2: yay.
by Louis October 18, 2001
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P1: You ready?
p2: Yo!
by Louis October 24, 2001
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