The geographical point that an object is at.
Location, shmocation- I don't care where definitions come from!
by Diggity Monkeez April 28, 2005
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Phrase to remind people that the most determining factor in the price of a house is the location. The property itself can be build on, extended, knocked into the next property etc.
There are three things to remember when valuing a property;

by Kung-Fu Jesus April 20, 2004
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When a man services the three main orifices of a lady in one sexual encounter. ie. mouth, vagina, anus
The order of operations is not important, however it's a bonus if the woman is a licensed real estate agent.
Q "How'd your date with that fine ass realtor, Tina go last night?"

A "Yo! I fucked that bitch every which way. It was location, location, location, all night long Son!"
by ricky denver October 19, 2007
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The use of another electronic device such as your land line or other cell phone to find your missing cell phone.
Not unlike how bats use "echo location" to find their nesting areas or food, human animals often use "cellco location" to find their missing cell phone.
by Garret_P August 16, 2009
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The act of traveling to locations that have been featured in popular movies, television shows, commercials and music videos.
I went on a Location Vacation in Los Angeles to eat at all of the restaurants the guys from Entourage went to.
by TacoCorp December 31, 2013
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Someone who regularly references where they have been in an effort to make them sound important. Similar to a name dropper, but uses places instead of names.
I just had lunch with Shannon - she is such a location dropper. We were just catching up on the past and she could not help but to continue to subtly brag about all the travel she has done. While at lunch she found it necessary to tell me that her baguette was nothing like the ones she had in Paris last month, her wine tasted nothing like the wine in Tuscany that she had last week and the service could not hold a candle to the Ritz, where she is returning to next month.
by the coMANd'r October 17, 2013
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