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slang. Refers to the anus of a gay or straight man.
Hey Phil, come here and let me put this in your man cave!
by Louis February 21, 2005
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often used to describe how fucked or stupid something/someone is.
also see lamerlewserdickheadidiotasl
That is so lame!
by Louis October 18, 2001
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1. A pound.

2. The act of giving someone a pound.
Yo, Loquan give me an lbsdot son.
by Louis December 29, 2004
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when a Kung-fu dude smashes into 10 planks with his bear hands, he makes this sound
Jet lee, chops a guys head off.... Ka-Kaa
by Louis February 18, 2005
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A show revealing the best and the brightest of the Japanese.
Its a little known fact the The French Military uses the most extreme elimination challenge as its primary training technique
by Louis January 25, 2004
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that myachi was off the hizzak
by Louis October 15, 2004
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or sav, used to describe something or someone particularly ballsy or uncivilized in a good way.
Woah. That fool just ate some mokey brains; fucking savage right there.
by Louis June 29, 2003
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