Pendant, n.

One who, by correcting others, gives himself (or herself) just enough rope by which to hang.
Bill: "That bloke's a total pendant."

Ben: "I think you mean 'pedant,' mate."

Bill: "I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant. BTW, is this noose too tight?"
by zutelwortle September 30, 2007
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Word used to describe a referee at a football match when a knobingly unsettling decision is made on a matter of triviality.
"Don't be so pendantic ref! That man's testicals do not make him offside, they swung back in time."
by Goethie Conongermont September 22, 2012
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Like a pearl necklace, but a single gob deposited on or near the anus.
Having already dumped a load into his cockholster, he didn't have enough in reserve to serve up a pearl necklace, so he gave her an anal pendant instead.
by Thrice Goatly December 07, 2009
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Individuals, usually older able-bodied teenagers or young adults, who live at home with their parents or family in a household without contributing financially or socio-economically in any form. Synonymous with terms such as "neckbeard" or "manchildren," tendie-pedendants rely solely on their family members for room-and-board, food, and decisions for their well-being. Most often they live at their Mother’s home and constantly demand their favorite food, “tendies,” (chicken tenders) in exchange for “good boy points" used in turn as disposable income.
Our Counterstrike: Global Offensive Team might be short two players tonight, Michael and Nicholas are Tendie-pendants who do not have enough good boy points to play tonight.
by bigmillystyle December 07, 2016
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buttsex resulting in not enough ejaculate for a pearl necklace, but sufficient for a pooling of spaff between the clavicles
he was too close to running on empty to give her the pearl necklace she requested, but still ensured that he left his cornholee with an anal pendant as a consolation prize
by hot fur magnet December 08, 2009
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Two people that have pendant shaped necklaces that are similar but not alike.

Ex: I have an amethyst pendant necklace, my friend has a Quartz pendant necklace, this makes us pendant susters.
by Layroxy March 21, 2021
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When necklaces worn by a couple in coitus become intertwined, it reflects determination of the Fates that the couple remain entwined forever.
I knew when I saw the tangled pendants that we were meant to be together.
by kellychan May 21, 2013
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