A Blonde Bimbo is an attractive women who has big tits and has blonde hair/ someone who died their hair w/ peroxide.
"hey blonde bimbo nice tits'
by bigboobladyyyx3 April 17, 2011
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Standard Definition:
The Bottle Blond Bimbo is a typical young female usually around 17 to 20+ years of age typically from the United States of America. The Bottle Blond Bimbo also known as Triple B or simply BBB for short, is a ditsy, lascivious, empty headed and all around cum dumpster that often casts normal women in a negative light.

Physical Appearance:
The Bottle Blond Bimbo is characteristically known to have artificial chemically dyed blond hair and large amounts of contrasting makeup particularly mascara and brow liner. Moreover, Bottle Blond Bimbos have a characteristic bad or overly tanned skin which further contrasts with the dyed blond hair and bad makeup.

Anthropological Origins:
The Bottle Blond Bimbo is a hedonistic, shallow, and consumerist creature that appeared around the late 1980s and early 1990s along the West Coast of the United States of America. In the past they were often classified as Valley Girls. However, the Bottle Blond Bimbo culture gradually spread eastward as millions of adolescent females adopted the lifestyle throughout the country.

It has been highly debated that the Bottle Blond Bimbo is nothing more than a feminine adolescent and post adolescent behavioral stage that gradually dissipates with maturity and the onset of menopause. However, recent evidence provided by televised observations of shows such as "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and "The Hills" it can be theorized that the Bottle Blond Bimbo is a distinct ethnic group.

The Bottle Blond Bimbo has a notable culture that places high values on physical pleasure, social status, economic status, and consumer products. The Bottle Blond Bimbo is a highly social creature that often enjoys innumerable social outings to the mall or local clubs. The Bottle Blond Bimbo utilizes social networking devices such as Myspace or Facebook to maintain their diverse collection of friends or Best Friends Forever.

Furthermore, the Bottle Blond Bimbo typically clothes themselves in the latest fashionable clothing yet in usually centers around the following clothing lines. Bottle Blond Bimbos usually value the clothing of Hollister Co, American Eagle Outfitters, Forever 21, Abercrombie & Fitch, Guess?, and Wet Seal.

Bottle Blond Bimbos usually is found clothed in scantily clad clothing. In warm seasons the Bottle Blond Bimbo prefers pastel colored halter tops, miniskirts, boyshorts, and sandals. In cold seasons the Bottle Blond Bimbo will cover themselves in designer line coats, tight sweaters, and Ugg Boots. In normally temperate regions such as the Northeast and Midwest, during the cold and persistent winter season large populations of Bottle Blond Bimbos can be seen wearing Ugg Boots. They are often referred to as "Ugg Soldiers" or "Ugg Sluts"

Bottle Blond Bimbos have a belief system that centers around "celebrideities" a collection of popular actresses and musicians. The tend to enjoy television programming that features these "celebrideities". Shows such as Laguna Beach and The Hills showcase these "celebrideities".

Wealth is the primary concern of Bottle Blond Bimbos their beliefs range from the assumption that wealth leads to glamor and high society. However, most Bottle Blond Bimbos are typically found employed in dead end service positions particularly retail.

The Bottle Blond Bimbo is an increasingly burgeoning ethnic group within America. Countless high schools, college campuses, local clubs or bars, and malls have become the typical habitat of the Bottle Blond Bimbo. However, it has become recently contested that the Internet is gradually becoming a habitat for the Bottle Blond Bimbo through social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook.

Among American males the Bottle Blond Bimbo is often found attractive. However, the desirability for a long-term relationship with a Bottle Blond Bimbo is rare. Normally, most American men will quickly ascertain that the Bottle Blond Bimbo lacks mental substance necessary for a stable relationship. Thus most male relationships with Bottle Blond Bimbos are purely for sexual intercourse.

However, there is a small demographic of males who desire Bottle Blond Bimbos. Typically these males are usually much older and desire a youthful attractive female. This relationship is termed the "Anna Nicole Smith Relationship" named after a notable Bottle Blond Bimbo. An Anna Nicole Smith Relationship similiar to a Trophy Wife and Sugar Daddy relationship.
Anna Nicole Smith: Bottle Blond Bimbo

Lauren Conrad: Bottle Blond Bimbo

Paris Hilton: Bottle Blond Bimbo

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A blonde who likes to steal things. The helium in her hands denotes her light fingers.
The helium handed blonde bimbo got caught trying to steal from her pimp. She still loves him, but she won't try THAT no more.
by hello April 5, 2005
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