34 definitions by LongJohnJohn

When one’s reaction is so cringe that they must react with this phrase
TikTok is cringe as hell
by LongJohnJohn September 10, 2020
Aberham Lincoln is the 14th (i think) president of this supposedly great nation of ours called America, He lead the Union (blue uniforms) versus the Confederates (White/Grey) and won, Thus ending slavery. He was MOST LIKELY the best president America has had. Not only that, he made America great.
Henry: “What’s your favorite president?”
Zach: “Aberham Lincoln of course!”
Henry “okay you don’t need to yell.”
by LongJohnJohn September 10, 2020
McDienalds is what McDonalds should be renamed. Listen, Everyone dies, But they speed up the process
McDienalds campaign: “Everyone dies! We just speed up the process a bit!”
by LongJohnJohn September 9, 2020
not for commie spies
Truck Fuck was a television series that premiered in the popular television show Team Neighborhood (i think).
by LongJohnJohn September 18, 2020
The ultimate Yankee, Whoever owns this shows supreme dominance over the plebeians.
Zach: “I heard Chad owns the No Yankee wit brim.”
Jack: “Wow, Really?”
by LongJohnJohn September 9, 2020