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A temporary disruption of the body's normal biological rhythms after being on break from school. Similar to jetlag but is caused by going back to school after being on break rather than by time zones. A person experiencing breaklag will find that they cannot sleep until very late and cannot wake up on time for classes upon returning to college.
Mina: "...also, why are you still awake?"
Christina: "I either don't sleep or I go to bed past 6am."
Mina: "Breaklag much?"
by LiveXAndXLearn January 05, 2012

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1. Something a person says when drunk because she is doing and saying very stupid things and does not want the people around her to think she is an idiot/insane/etc.

2. What a drunk girl says because she is paranoid that all her friends secretly hate her and #talkshit about her behind her back like some #frenemies she knew back in high school. When intoxicated, she becomes slightly paranoid about everything, including this, and begs all her friends to not hate her.
1) Mina: *falls down*
Young: *catches her*
Mina: "Omg I'm so sorry I'm really drunk right now, please don't hate me."
Young: "Chill out, no one hates you."

2) Mina: "Please don't hate me."
Chris: "I should make a drinking game for every time you say 'please don't hate me.'
Chris: "You worry too much."
by LiveXAndXLearn November 23, 2011

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The degrees of temperature Californians measure the climate in. Because they live in such a warm place, they become cold at unusually high temperatures. Thus, when converted to degrees Cali, 47 degrees Fahrenheit is 32 degrees Cali, 60 degrees Fahrenheit is 45 degrees Cali, etc. However, once you get to about 75-100 degrees Fahrenheit, the conversion stays the same.
"Omg it's so cold right now."
*looks at phone* "it's 47 degrees"
"That's sooooo cold!"
"It's like freezing in the midwest and east coast right now..."
"It's freezing HERE right now!"
"Yeah I guess it is in degrees Cali"
by LiveXAndXLearn December 26, 2011

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When class is so boring you zone out and don't remember anything the prof said or anything you did for the entire 1 hr 15min.
Mina: "Omg class was sooo boring today."
Leena: "I know, I zoned out and then I looked down and I had notes and I didn't remember taking them."
Mina: "Class blackout, nbd."
by LiveXAndXLearn November 21, 2011

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When two people go through many different mediums of communication (e.g., texting, IMing, facebook) to talk to each other. This phenomenon tends to happen a lot in this world where we have so much technology and social networking sites available to us.
"I had this guy leave me a voicemail at work, so I called him at home, and then he emailed me to my BlackBerry, and so I texted to his cell, and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies"

"I texted my friend so she emailed me back so I facebooked her and she tweeted me so I IMed her and then she called me. Multiway messaging FTW."
by LiveXAndXLearn January 18, 2012

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A medical condition in which someone is allergic to mold and this allergy affects their brain and therefore hinders their ability to think clearly. If this allergy is detected and cleared up, however, the true intellect of said person will be revealed.
"I'm actually a child prodigy. I've just had a mold allergy which made it hard to think. But now I'm taking med school classes at the age of 17. I'm fucking smarter than all of you."
by LiveXAndXLearn January 18, 2012

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1. A "I'm sorry" that covers all things someone says or does while drunk or otherwise intoxicated.

2. A mass text that gets sent out the morning after blacking out and sending a ton of ridiculous texts and IMs the night before.
1. "I'm really drunk right now, I'm sorry."
"That's ok I assume a blanket apology for whenever you're drunk."

by LiveXAndXLearn November 23, 2011

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