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Hacker: 1 h4xx0or3d j00|2 9ib50/\/ n00b!
You: idgi...
by Linz July 15, 2004
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1. Very, extremely. (adverb)
2. A large amount of, a lot of, a great amount.
1. The line is madd long.
2. I know madd people who live there.
by Linz July 27, 2004
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The heel is the end of the bread. the really crunchy parts good for grilled cheeses. i believe it came from my redneck family right here in the heart of Oklahoma.
"Hey yall give me the heel its the best part."
by Linz July 30, 2004
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A wardrobe malfuntion in my personal opinion is what all the rich city whores these days suffer from. who wears that stuff, really??
"Hey lets show our tits and maybe, just maybe someone will notice that we wanna be prostitutes!"
by Linz July 30, 2004
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Something that isn't good.
I was writing a song, but it turned into poopage.
by Linz August 15, 2004
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To become horny a second time after calming down.
I've been re-hornified so lets fuck.
by Linz February 22, 2004
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