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A thong that goes up the front. in other words....a wedgie + a camel toe in one pair of underwear.
She wears a two way but im not quite sure what that means.


I dont see why people wear two-ways. I would just free-ball it.
by Linz March 18, 2005
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short for two-way pager- a small electronic device that allows communication in two directions; a more advanced version of the original "pager" which worked by allowing a caller to send a numeric message to the person with the pager. After this message, the person would have to find a telephone to place a return call. A two-way pager allows a message (text) to be returned to the person placing the original page.
She wears a two-way but I'm not quite sure what that means.
by Jeremy June 11, 2003
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a sex toy that two people can use at the same time (ie a large dildo that has two sides for insertion)
kimmy and sandy use a two-way when they have sex
by &hearts pebbs &hearts December 17, 2005
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device for communicating with others by using a telecommunications device similar to a walkie talkie
Man this bitch been hittin me on my two way all day, wastin' up my characters.
by bill February 19, 2003
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Sex between two people. Like a three-way, but crappier.
Will: Dude, I have never had a three way.
Ben: Me either
Will: I had a pretty sweet twoway the other night though.
Ben: Wow, what was that like?
Will: pretty good, but there were just the two of us.
Ben: really, so it was like you, and wait, ive had a two way

by thermodynamic14 March 22, 2009
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