A derogatory reference to communism, specifically to the Cold War and the (former) Soviet Union. For decades, communism was the ultimate and de-facto enemy of the United States and allies Active wars, coups, assassinations, espionage, and many other things, were fought/ordered/carried out over the perceived/real worldwide struggle between democracy and communism in the post World War 2 era (1945-1990's). The Vietnam War, Korean War, and Cuban Missile Crisis being the most notable for obvious reasons.

*This definition is especially important for those who may have no idea/not-sure why other generations in the US have such a strong anti-communism / anti-communist bias, and because recent history coverage in K-12 is poorly and/or quickly covered in US for a number of reasons.
"Yes children, the commie bastards actually put nuclear weapons and bases in Cuba with the blessing of Fidel Castro, and nearly started a nuclear war from which all your political correctness and 'safe spaces' would not have protected you."
by idiomatic4 December 18, 2018
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A common insult referring to people who go against typical American views or freedom.
"I heard Tony talking about how great universal healthcare would be, the commie bastard."
by Communist bloc party April 7, 2016
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An insult used against the red chinese communists in the liberation of anchorage from those dirty Chinese commies
Chinese communist: *curses in chinese*
by Lazylittlebastard April 12, 2019
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Mrs. Donatello: Do u have ur homework john?
John: Shuddup Mrs. Donatello u commy bastard!
by Taylor_Hub April 20, 2015
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A name that Nikki and Mary call people when they are 1)mad at them, 2)hate them, or 3) are digusted by their communistic ways. If you are called this that means you are very low.
OMG that kid just yelled at us, what an egotistical commie bastard!!!


He is so full of himself, what an egotiscal commie bastard.
by Mary & Nikki rock May 7, 2005
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