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a get-together consisting of close friends, partying and drinking.
We're having a kickback at Trent's house for the homecoming alumni.
by lindsay March 18, 2004

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Homer Simpson's version of God.
"I can't be a missionary! I don't even believe in Jebus!"
by Lindsay December 08, 2003

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Close to being fat. Has rolls comin out thier sides. Has meat that can be piched off the body.
That girl is chubby.
by Lindsay July 09, 2003

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The sound a duck makes
by Lindsay February 25, 2003

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What most adults act like...
WW1,and 2, all wars, Holocaust, 9-11, slavery...etc
by Lindsay February 25, 2003

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The most amazing and school in the state of Virginia. Also the largest research institute in Va. and produces 42% of Va's PhD's. VT is the home of the third largest computer in the world and every building is made of "hokie stone," which completes its amazing architecture.
"Virginia Tech: 2004 ACC CHAMPS!!"
by lindsay December 13, 2004

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An expression one may utter in complete approval or joy.
"Woot Woot!" I said in agreement.
by Lindsay March 20, 2005

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