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Minun muppelo!
Markku on kiva.
by Linda January 29, 2004
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magnetikk ^($&#^ %&#$)(%*#
by Linda December 11, 2004
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A new variation of classical dance. It is a cross between ballet and breakdancing.
damn!!! I wanna learn how to do the limmystar soon
by Linda December 23, 2003
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Somebody that is working so hard to get more money that they forget that there are more important things in the world.
He is such a money slave that he won't even take a vacation to go visit his dying mother.
by Linda December 15, 2003
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An ankle spanker is a huge penis that, when hard, could possibly rip open a horse. Often steped on by the owners friends.
Brittney!! Get off my ankle spanker!
by Linda December 26, 2005
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energetic, intelligent, free-spirited, girl who takes no shit from people. true at heart, true at mind.
by Linda February 11, 2005
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