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a store bought cigar (gas stations have them), in which pot heads preceed to cut open (usually with razors), empty the tobacco out of, fill with buddah, roll tightly, and SMOKE
a blunt a day keeps the doctor away
by Linda September 05, 2004
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a person who is coughed upon
by linda February 09, 2002
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spanish for skiny or thin
hey you FLACO you better eat somethin'
by linda October 26, 2003
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a viet surname. ppl wit this surname are very helpful, sweet, dependable, positive, and lokable =P
OMG. Matt is a total Huynh!
by Linda August 18, 2004
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Urbane. Sophisticated. Cool.
That movie was so "ThomShank."
by Linda February 18, 2004
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are actually extra fat on the outter thighs not saggy boobs you D.A.
hereditary and usually occurs in horse riders
by Linda March 13, 2005
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the best friend a girl can ask for. is really talented in art. always makes you laugh. she is also very strange. is in love with maester seymour.
my best friend's name is caitie.
by linda March 05, 2005
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