Will be the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She very well could be a Russian goddess of beauty. She is beautiful inside and out and has an attitude, making her irresistible. Her incredible smile will brighten even the gloomiest of days and her touch will take all your worries away. She will fight for what she believes in and will love you with all her heart. If you ever meet her, then you are truly blessed. You should marry her no questions asked. If you don't, you'll spend your life regretting it.
Olga is my favorite.
Don't let go of Olga, you'll regret it.
by Your Cowboy January 17, 2020
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Olga is the lady who will brighten your life.

She will amaze you
She will make everyday special

She will love you and make you feel like you never felt before
Everyone needs an Olga in their life
by the masked Zorro January 13, 2018
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Someone who is an overachiever for tests.
"WOW! She got 100% in every test. What an Olga"
"She totally Olga'd the test"
by OlgaOlgaOlgaOlgaOlgaOlgaOlga December 3, 2020
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A beautiful,kind, funny,smart girl who makes a great friend. She is a lot of fun and she is very sweet.
Girl: "That girl is very nice"
Boy" Which one?"
Girl: "Olga, the one that's surrounded by smiling people"
by annakate September 7, 2014
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Olga is female name popular in Eastern Europe and Latin America. Name originates from Scandinavian "Helga". To Kievan Russ (Ukraine now) was brought with invited Scandinavian Princes around 500-600 AD. But became popular around introduction of Christianity around 900 AD. Well-known is Princess Olga, grandmother of Prince Volodymyr the Great (the one who made Christianity Official State Religion). She was the first Christian Princess in Kievan Russ, big fan of books and education. I believe, she was the single cause of popularity of the name in Slavic countries. Not many people new she wasn't from noble family, but a daughter of ferryman. She driving paddle ferry across the Dnipro River and that is there Prince Igor spotted her. She had many sons. After her husband was killed during tax ride, she rudelly punished his killers and sorely ruled country until her oldest son Sviatoslav reached adolescence and was closely supervising state offers until very old age. Stereotypically, attributes of this great princess are applied to all Olgas. Name is particularly popular among Ukrainian Diaspora. There are also male name Olga in use in Turkey
Olha (Ukraine), Olga (Russian speaking countries, Poland, Latin America), Olia, Olichka, Olyunia, Olka, Olana.
by Olunica February 3, 2010
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Someone who is an amazing student and is an over-achiever at school in general. An Olga is someone who gets 100% in every test.
"Wow, last year that student got 100& in EVERY TEST! What an Olga."
"She completely Olga'd the test"
by OlgaOlgaOlgaOlgaOlgaOlgaOlga December 3, 2020
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Scandinavian name meaning "light" or "holly", was popular in Europe early 20th century, still very common in Slavic countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Latin countries adopted this name also, most likely after watching Russian movies like Doctor Zhivago.

Olga is usually intelligent, shy person, slim, tall.
That Olga girl is nice.
by jrep May 10, 2009
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