10 definitions by Lil

happiness is a feeling of pure bliss, following a pleasurably experience.
by Lil February 7, 2005
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cats with porn
porn with chocolate
cats with chocolate
Man, i went to this restaraunt, it was happiness in a box, it was so good.
by Lil November 9, 2004
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a lizard eater is a childish word for lesbian.
lizard eater is not i
by Lil March 9, 2005
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you want to get fucked up but don't have the means
she was crunkless last night
by Lil April 12, 2005
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a large cheese eating rat,usually found in concrete or boat yards.
I hate going by the water at night because that's when all the stewys come out.
by Lil January 7, 2004
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you cuz you got bread
by Lil March 4, 2005
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