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"Hey, look at those polliwogs over there."
"Oi! I'm offended by the term you used there. Say 'tadpole' or I will shop you to the thought police.
"Sorry Mr. Lammy, our mistake."
by LiberaceHudson September 25, 2017
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The alternate name of a certain character many NCIS fans would rather forget, particularly the Tiva fans. The name was given to the character by the fans due to the "nickname" that was given to her father on the show (The Frog). The name is used in a derogatorily way .

The mere mention of the Polliwog whether it be on NCIS or on the fans boards will result in irksome shivers flowing down all Tiva fan's spines. Many Tiva fans will also feel the need to change channels, skips scenes, or run away screaming if the Polliwog pops up on their TV screens.
*Tiva fan sits watching season 4 episode of NCIS*
*Polliwog turns up on screen*
Tiva fan: *Changes TV channel*


*Polliwog is shown doing things with a certain much loved character*
Tiva fan: AHHHHHH!!!!
*runs away screaming*
by Yelloh April 17, 2010
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a clit that is near sized to be a talliwacker. also, you might catch warts from it
blimey, thats a talliwacker if i ever seen one!

nah, almost, its Diane's polliwog.

by bipolar bare March 03, 2009
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