Very intelligent girl. Commonly the most beautiful girl in school. Mysterious character sometimes acts bitchy but overall its just a disguise from her true kind hearted nature. Has strange philosophies and ideas. Makes everybody's head turn as she walks by. Most likey has a cocky attitude and never gets embarassed. Suprises everyone with her knowledge and understanding since she is a natural slacker.
Friend: wow! Who's that?

Friend 2: oh her? Thats Edith. Dont bother you're probably not good enough.
by xxphantomxx April 9, 2013
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She is smart, has a very bitchy attitude, but deep down she is a sweet heart. She also is a true G she will tell you like it is and stay 💯with you at all times. She is the beautiful girl out there but she is also crazy. Shes a rare kind to find but when you do you need to keep her and loxk her away.
by Raphl January 9, 2018
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A virtuous girl has morals of a undercover saint.
Ethan:" Edith is such a sweet girl."

Becky: "She sure is."
by ledurzep September 27, 2012
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Another word for the most beautiful person in the world.they're one of a kind and just special all around inside and out. They just glow with perfection.if she's around you that'll make you the most lucky person to live.
by That one guyDV November 11, 2013
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Edith is a very great person.She is loving,and caring and is beautiful inside and out.Edith is intelligent and creative.She is also a caring mom and wife.
She must be named Edith because she has a big heart.
by kindness247 February 1, 2019
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Mysterious beauty with highly intelligent way of thinking.
Derick: WOW! who's that?

Jake: That's Edith.
by marktwainnn August 12, 2010
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A tru Gangsta G who has a love for life, pig roasts and the good stuff. Often accompanied by a Queen, she learns all she needs.
Wow, id like to marry an edith.
by The real Queen G January 7, 2011
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