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1. A variation of faggot or fag, referring to a male homosexual; derived from the literal definition for faggot (used almost exclusively by males, of any orientation).
2. A person or thing otherwise characterized as a fag(got) for unpopularity, regardless of sexual orientation.
See also homo, fairy, etc.
A: Is he wearing leather pants?
B: What a bundle of sticks.
by levi January 05, 2004

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A hedz up to otha brothaz thet be chillin' in da hood that the popo is out an' prolly aroun' tha corner reddy to bus' yo ass fo smokin' that chronic stack. Made popular in part by Outkast in tha hook from "Slump" off Aquemimi.
I'm strickly stressin dirty, dirty/
Gone represent it to the t-top/
Born and bred up on the street top/
Get to the money and sweet spot/
And forever hollin' hootie hoo!/
When we see cops
by Levi January 03, 2004

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The best fucking NPC in Fallout and Fallout 2 by Interplay.
I was in Vault City, destroying my seventh city, when a vault citizen escaped my walking path, but luckily dogmeat was there to kill her ass.
by Levi January 21, 2004

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Probably derived from the words slimy and greasy, or a similar word pair, sleazy which describes a person, place, or behavior characterized by those qualities. See also sleaze, sleazebag
sleazy guy, sleazy bar, sleazy pick-up lines
by levi January 05, 2004

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In a doggy style position the woman reaches between her legs and slaps the shit out of the mans penis and nut sack, often causing either stimulation or great pain depending on the power between the slaps.
"That bitch chicken slapped my cock so hard I have to wear an icepack."
by Levi August 25, 2003

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secret of mana is a squaresoft produced game, made in the 1990's. its storyline and soundtrack are rivaled only by a couple of the companies other games of the final fantasy series. it is a fantasy role playing game where you have to defeat the bad guy, save the world, so on and so forth. best super nintendo entertainment system game and quite possibly the best game ever made for any platform.
you're playing secret of mana, fucking cool beans!
by levi August 01, 2004

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Synonymous with the verb to poke, but in a crisp fast way, unlike the slow, prodding nature of the poke.
"Me and this dude were in a fight, and i totally did a spoik on him"
by Levi November 19, 2004

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