The best fucking NPC in Fallout and Fallout 2 by Interplay.
I was in Vault City, destroying my seventh city, when a vault citizen escaped my walking path, but luckily dogmeat was there to kill her ass.
by Levi January 22, 2004
The companion that will love you no matter what in Fallout 4. Dogmeat won't complain when you do drugs or kill random people for the hell of it. Dogmeat will love you no matter what. You've probably at some point grown attached to Dogmeat, but who hasn't? He can help you find items and enemies and can also wear goggles and bandanas which makes him even cuter.
You: -Kills random person on Fallout-
Dogmeat: -Still loves you-
You: -Does drugs-
Dogmeat: -Still loves you-
You: -trys out a different companion who turns out to be annoying as fuck-
You: -Realizes Dogmeat can't be replaced.- -Goes back to Dogmeat.

Dogmeat is amazing
by TheOfficialFaj June 17, 2016
A NPC companion in the fallout series of games. Dogmeat is a dog (resembling a German shepherd) who accompanies the lone wanderer on his quests through the wastelands of post apocalyptic Washington DC. Dogmeat is sufficient at many tasks such as foraging for food, ammunition, small weapons, and surprisingly drugs (aka chems. All of these can be acquired by telling Dogmeat to search for them. Dogmeat also is quite powerful in the battlefield as it has much health and its bite is much worse than its bark.
Lone wanderer: Dogmeat, go find me ammo

Dogmeat: Bark Bark
Usually the first companion in any Fallout game. A German Shepard breed who eats feral ghouls and raiders alike!
Come here Dogmeat!

Dogmeat: Arf!


Dogmeat: Ruff!
by Mimikyu_12360 August 24, 2017
Like stalemate in a game of chess, dogmeat is when two evenly matched dogs draw in fight over a bitch in heat.
those two dogs have just had fight over who gets to "mate" it was a draw, it was "dogmeat"
by elsmyth July 18, 2015
Cindy was dogmeated today, and then moved to Canada.

Where is that hot chick I was talking to. Oh, she is getting dogmeated right now.
by tangofandango October 6, 2009
a word used to describe something gross, hideous or disgusting
"Oh man, that jacket is dogmeat!"
by Prpl March 9, 2010