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one who has no spine, eg. Gray Davis
Well, they finally threw Gumby out of office.
by Levi October 08, 2003
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The best fucking NPC in Fallout and Fallout 2 by Interplay.
I was in Vault City, destroying my seventh city, when a vault citizen escaped my walking path, but luckily dogmeat was there to kill her ass.
by Levi January 21, 2004
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1.Any person, place or thing

2.May be used as a verb to describe any noun or pronoun.
Devin is such a fucking doidle, why can't he be more like Bodine? Now Bodine is a true doidle.
by Levi October 04, 2004
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Synonymous with the verb to poke, but in a crisp fast way, unlike the slow, prodding nature of the poke.
"Me and this dude were in a fight, and i totally did a spoik on him"
by Levi November 19, 2004
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tego;tar\ likes to watch nascar on sundays while drinking budweiser. Tell tego;tar\ that Dale Jr sucks and tego;tar\ will eat you.
tego;tar\ loves nascar
by Levi January 13, 2005
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Probably derived from the words slimy and greasy, or a similar word pair, sleazy which describes a person, place, or behavior characterized by those qualities. See also sleaze, sleazebag
sleazy guy, sleazy bar, sleazy pick-up lines
by Levi January 05, 2004
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various forms of unwanted content displayed on the internet.

i.e. spam, pop-ups, porn ads
Going to that web site is almost not worth it because of all the internet pollution on it.
by Levi December 25, 2003
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